Graphic Design student at The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

Posters series made for a lunch lecture held at the KABK for the IST course by Gert Dumbar and Marleen van der Zanden.
A project commisioned by Amnesty International, a game about The Vision 2030 which is written by the Saudi Arabia goverment. The player is put in the position to trade human rights for economical growth visualised in four goals. A collaboration with Carolina Valente Pinto & Marc van der Berg.
A typedesign experiment about building a font build out of coloured layers taken from collages.
Bugged Books, a mini game made to practice programming skills and game design
Research on the costume as a method of protesting. With main focus, the history of protest movements against sexual violence and the role of the costume as a way of protesting.
The Script of the Millenial, a collection of handwritings of a generation that never had to write.
Risographed cover and poster for the Dictionairy of Freedom workshop by Niels Schrader and Maarten Cornel.
A design a made for the thesis of Nikki Selser, Recently graduated from the Fine Arts departement of the KABK.